Kernel: the design

For the development of our products, we attach as much importance to the development of the formulas of our treatments as to that of the external packaging.

Knowing that our products are intended to remain in your bathroom for a long time, we take the greatest care to design robust bottles with a unique, colorful and ultra-quality design. So that our bottles can also serve as decorative objects and help beautify your interior.

When you take our bottles in hand, you will realize that we have not made any concessions on the quality of the bottle which is aesthetic, resistant and intended to last over time.

Kernel: the bottles

To create our treatments, we have imagined infinitely refillable bottles made from recycled and recyclable materials for an extended lifespan. Ultra-convenient, it only takes a few seconds to recharge our products.

Thanks to this innovative refill system, it is no longer necessary to repurchase your entire product once it is finished. All you have to do is buy the corresponding refill and refill your bottle in a few seconds.

Kernel: reloads

Our innovative charging system limits the impact of its consumption. Each of our refills used will reduce waste by 70% compared to repurchasing a standard bottle.

The refills for our bottles are made from recycled and recyclable materials so that they can be recycled at the end of their life in order to have a new life and to promote a circular economy.

We are also developing a system for recovering our refills so that they can have a second life.

Everything has been designed so that you can reduce the impact of your consumption on the planet while taking care of your skin.