Kernel: the origin of the name

Why did you call a natural cosmetics brand Kernel?

Kernel is an English word that simply means “core”. Our name refers to the core of the argan fruit which contains the precious argan oil. A beauty oil highly sought after in certain parts of the world for its exceptional benefits for the skin to slow down its aging.

Argan oil being one of the key ingredients in our facial treatments: Kernel was born.

Kernel: the vision

At the origin of Kernel, we asked ourselves:

How to create a cosmetics brand that is anchored in its time: the 21st century?

We then imagined Kernel as a new concept in cosmetics. Wishing to breathe new life, we wanted to take up the challenge of offering a brand with sustainable packaging while offering natural, effective care that is good for the skin and has fair trade ingredients.

Thought for you, with you, we take care to put the well-being of our customers, suppliers and partners at the heart of our commitments.

Kernel: lasting beauty

At Kernel, we are committed to working towards more sustainable beauty that takes care of everyone's skin as well as our planet.

When developing the packaging for our first facial care range, we imagined refillable packaging made from recycled and recyclable materials to limit their impact. We are also developing a system for recovering our refills so that they can have a second life.

We are committed to going further and pushing the limits of what is possible to develop the most eco-responsible cosmetic packaging possible for the products we offer in order to work for more sustainable and virtuous consumption.

Kernel: the formulation

At Kernel, we have used a laboratory that has been an expert in cosmetics formulation for over twenty years to formulate high-quality products, composed of natural ingredients good for the skin and with proven effectiveness, while banishing all harmful ingredients. or controversial that could damage the skin.

Kernel treatments combine modern and traditional ingredients for tailor-made formulas to treat facial imperfections and take care of your skin.

Kernel: argan oil and fair trade

At Kernel, argan oil is one of the key ingredients of our treatments, it is at the heart of Kernel's identity. Our argan oil is 100% extra virgin and obtained by cold pressing. After being tested by our laboratory, it is used in the formulation of our treatments which all contain it.

Our argan oil comes from fair trade and more precisely from Moroccan cooperatives of Berber women to whom we donate part of our turnover. It is important to know that argan oil is a precious active ingredient both for the skin and from the point of view of its production, in fact it takes Berber women several times to extract even just one liter of oil. argan.

Argan oil has multiple and unrivaled virtues to reduce imperfections, reduce the signs of aging and keep skin soft and smooth over time.