At Kernel, we have surrounded ourselves with formulators and cosmetic experts to formulate high-quality products, composed of ingredients with proven effectiveness on the skin.

Kernel products combine modernity and traditional ingredients for unique formulas that treat facial imperfections and take care of your skin.

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Our argan oil

Argan oil is the flagship ingredient of our products, it is at the heart of Kernel’s identity. 100% extra virgin and laboratory tested, all Kernel products contain it.

Our argan oil comes from fair trade. It is sourced from Moroccan cooperatives to whom we donate a percentage of our turnover. Extracted by hand by Berber women, it takes them several hours to extract even a liter.

The miracle virtues for the skin of argan oil are multiple and unrivaled for reducing imperfections, reducing the signs of aging and obtaining soft and smooth skin.

A word from our founders

We imagined Kernel as a new concept in cosmetics. Wishing to breathe new life, we wanted to take on the challenge of offering a fully rechargeable brand while offering natural, effective and fair trade products. Thought with you, for you, we take care to put the well-being of our customers and our partners at the heart of our commitments.

Lamia and Jim, founders of Kernel.